Justice Felix Angelo Bautista

About Manila Law

An interesting syllogism will prove that the Manila Law College was enshrine in the Malolos Constituion or the first Constitution of the Philippines. In the Title IV,entitled "The Filipinos and Their National and Individual Rights",Article 23, it is provided that "Any Filipino may establishe and maintain institutions of learning, in accordance with the laws authorizing them". The Malolos Constitution was approved on 20 January 1899. President Aguinaldo had requested Don Felipe Calderon to draft the Philippine Constituion and this is the most significant accomplishment of Delegate Calderon.

Since Article 23, Title IV had provided for the establishment of institutions of learning and Don Felipe Calderon was undeniably aware of this provision, he was also keenly concerned that the Filipino School of Law was needed to be able to train future lawyers and goverment officials. On 28 June 1899 or barely five months since Malolos Constitution was approved, Don Felipe Calderon founded the "escuela de Derecho de Manila" with him self as a First Dean.Read More