About Manila Law

He died 1908 when he was only 45 years of age and the Escuela de Derecho de Manila had been funtioning for only 9 years. Fortunately the first Filipino School of Law had survived thru years. Then 1930 the Escuela de Derecho de Manila was transformed into the Manila Law College with Justice Felix Angelo Bautista as its first Dean. MLC thus traces its origins from the Malolos Constitution,drafted by the First Dean.Since Manila Law College became the legal successor of the Escuela de Derecho de Manila the latter had assigned its rights and also its historical data to Manila Law College. One of the greatest assets of the Manila Law College is its historical antecedents. Although other law schools had in the meantime been organized and proven themselves,MLC remainsunique and is "sui generis" or a class by itself. Others who followed JusticeBautista as Dean of Manila Law College are Manuel Camus,Perfecto Laguio,Edgardo L. Paras,Enrique C. Galang, Arnulfo M. Flores, Pablo Meer,Porfirio V. Sison,Florante A. Seril and Benjamin B. Domingo.

The Present Dean of Manila Law College, Dr.Benjamin B. Domingo, was former Undersecretary and Acting Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador and former Dean of the Philippine Law School and the Lyceum of Philippines College of Law.Goto Main